Being a Leader-in-Training (LIT) is a very coveted role at Camp Surefire. Our young campers cannot wait until they are old enough to apply to be an LIT and often try to convince us that at age 7 they are ready for the responsibility!

LITs are 15-17 year old campers who have been selected based on their positive behaviors and leadership potential. The LIT program bridges the gap between between our teenage campers and our junior counselors (17+).

The 2017 LITs participated in special diabetes education seminars, team building activities, and leadership exercises during the week. They also assisted with programming activities for the younger campers.

Congratulations to our 2017 LITs! We are thrilled to welcome Alondo, Ben, Jack, Joe, and Kendall  into the ranks of LIT!img_9780img_2195

Dedicated to Children and Teens Living with Diabetes