Staff & Volunteers

Camp Surefire is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and a very limited paid staff who provide the Camp Surefire Foundation with accounting, social media, and grant writing experience.

Dr. Gregory Fox, the Camp Medical Director, has volunteered as the camp doctor for the past seventeen years. Our faithful team of CDOEs, led by Cara Moeller and Robyn Perry, generously volunteer their time and expertise each summer. Their presence is critical at every meal, snack, and camp activity as well as during all hours of the night.

Staff & Volunteers:

  • Gregory A. Fox, M.D., Medical Director
  • Ali Fox, Executive Director
  • Jocelyn Kearns, Camp Co-Director
  • Nick Leso, Camp Co-Director
  • Erin Duggan, LIT Co-Director
  • Troy Ribeiro, LIT Co-Director
  • Joseph Oliveira, Operations Director
  • Thomas Brewer, Camp Programming 
  • Alex Jenkins, Camp Programming 


Dedicated to Children and Teens Living with Diabetes